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Our new console was designed to accomplish a few things: a place for a small amp or inverter, tray for my iPhone, a place for switches, and a draw, (I was tired of losing items in my current deep console).
Here is what is included in the CruiserCrap Security console:
• Both front and rear drink holders are included.
• Small item / pen holder in between front cup holders and switch panel.
• We include two cover plates on the front of the console. The first one is plain for you to customize, the second one has cutouts already done for you.
• We have a separate vented compartment for an inverter or small amp.
• Dedicated cell phone tray on top.
• Don’t want to have another key – no problem, we use a 3 digit steel combo lock
• The top lid / armrest has a gas shock for easy opening, and has study inner clip for all kinds of uses.
• A small inner shelf sets in the front of the storage compartment under the sunglass tray.
• When you open the top lid. The rear drawer unlocks and becomes accessible.
• Made in the USA!!!
• One color - black powder coated, with dark grey armrest.
• Armrest can be removed and recovered - four screws to remove - but you will have to do that.
Dimensions: 29 3/4" Long, 8 3/8" Wide, 13" Tall
Main Body: 21"
Drink HolderS: 4 3/8"
Drawer: 12" Long, 5 1/8" Wide, 1 3/4" Deep
Main Storage: 11 3/4" Long, 7 1/2" Wide, 6 3/4" Deep